You’re Not Alone


Like so many of you, I have a loved one who suffers from mental illness. Together, we face daily challenges as we try to navigate our lives, but at times each of us feels alone with our own struggles. For a long time,I took on his struggles as ours, without giving a voice to my own. Because of this, along with the stigma of mental health, I often felt alone. It wasn't until I decided that my struggles, my feelings, and most importantly, my personal mental health mattered that I was able to no longer feel alone and helpless. I started Small Steps Everyday as a way to help others like me learn to take care of themselves as they continue to take care of their loved ones.



Small Steps Everyday is committed to bringing support, hope and healing to those facing significant life challenges. We look to increase resources, support and growing community awareness around mental health and the challenges facing those who suffer and those who support the suffering.